Universal drive shafts

Universal drive shafts transmit the rotational motion of a shaft to a second shaft, which is orientated at a different angle, fixed or variable, from the first shaft, or is located parallel to the first shaft. Therefore these shafts are always used when it is not possible to transmit the torque in a straight line. Universal drive shafts can also equalize different lengths by means of a sliding splined shaft. Rigid versions with no length equalization are however also available.

Universal drive shafts are always made to customer specification. Based on our decades of experience in manufacturing universal drive shafts, we can offer the optimum product for the customer.



Very important in this regard is the following:

  • High performance
  • Quiet running
  • Precise concentric running
  • Long service life

In order always to achieve effective use and the most favourable efficiency,
the SINDERMANN product range offers a wide choice:

  • For high rates of rotation and relatively low torques, for example for high speed angular drives on weaving machines, using SINDERMANN universal drive shafts with needle bearings is preferable. They are maintenance free.
  • SINDERMANN universal drive shafts with bronze plain bearings are suitable for high torque rates and impacts.

Naturally we also offer universal drive shafts in variants (plastic shafts) which are approved for food use. Square or hexagonal section shafts made of stainless steel can be used to provide length extension.