Universal joints

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SINDERMANN universal joints transmit power from one half of the shaft to the other half via a forged cruciform joint (coupling). The geometrically precise form of this cruciform joint minimizes the friction. It guarantees quiet and precise operation, and has a beneficial effect on the service life and efficiency of the SINDERMANN universal joint.

The very large lever arm which results for each joint pin makes it possible to transmit larger forces (torque) and despite this, to keep the backlash low and within the standards. As the bearing journals only make swivel movements in their seats while the joints are rotating, high surface compression can occur here. Therefore the bearings and the lubrication of these journals (double universal joints have 2 spiders, therefore 8 journals) require particular attention. The best method is to mount the journals in needle bearings or in bronze plain bearings. The thin wall design of these bearing elements allows the choice of small bore diameters in the joint forks and relatively big bearing journal diameters.

This ensures the high power transmission performance of the SINDERMANN universal joints.

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Needle bearings

Type “W” (roller bearings) SINDERMANN single and double universal joints have bearing journals seated in drawn cup needle roller bearings. These bearings are filled with grease when they are installed and this is sufficient for the lifetime of the joints.

SINDERMANN universal joints with needle bearings are especially suitable for high transmission performance at high rates of rotation. They are maintenance free in every respect and can therefore be safely installed in areas of machinery which are not easy to access.

Due to the extremely compact design of the drawn cup needle roller bearings, it is possible to keep to all dimensions which are required by the standards. If necessary, all the usual standard joints can be replaced by SINDERMANN universal joints.

Plain bearings

Type “G” (plain bearings) SINDERMANN single and double universal joints can be subjected to powerful impact loads. The bearing journals of the SINDERMANN universal joints are mounted in high load capacity bushings, made of a special bronze, which have especially good emergency running characteristics. In addition to this good friction pairing, the type and system of lubrication has been considerably improved. Each of the four bearing journals of a SINDERMANN universal joint incorporates its own grease reservoir which provides sufficient supply to the bearing locations.

To prevent contamination from outside, the bearings are closed off with a sealing ring. Using normal lubrication intervals, SINDERMANN universal joints are low maintenance.

They have low wear rates, especially good emergency running characteristics and a long service life.